#73. The Vase

There is a vase perpetually for sale in the city. It moves from Urban Barn to Thrift Store to home decor shop to thrift store and then back again. The vase itself is tall and thin, fluted in shape and often empty. Water doesn’t seem to stay within the cool confines of the vase, boiling off of it if it is ever added. No one seems to hold onto the vase for long, always returning it with fraudulent receipts or hocking it. This s because if the vase is placed in a home, all the water within will begin to boil.
If not removed promptly, the vase will make more water burn. Ice will melt, sweat on the skin will begin to heat, and other more discrete forms of water will become agitated. After around thirteen hours, water in the human body will begin to boil too, killing whoever is in the home in short order as the water in their bodies boils off and their skin is seared. After the vase has claimed a life, al the water immediately condenses as if it had never evaporated.
To date, the vase has been used to assassinate sixteen prominent individuals, including three members of parliament and five practitioners.


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