#82. The Fruit Stand

In spring and summer, the fruit stands come out. Berries, Cherries and Taber corn sold by the roadside. For the most part, these stands are found near the highway or in the suburbs, places where the owners can find marks who will pay their often inflated prices for fruit that they could find repackaged in their supermarkets. But sometimes, on the equinox or solstice, fruit stands without the familiar blue placards begin to appear in the places of more familiar ones.
One of these sells fruits that no local farmer could grow. Rare citruses and exotic fruits like lychee and pomegranate. Buy a fair assortment and take them home. Eat whichever one smells the best to you, and close your eyes. You will fall asleep immediately, and your dreams will be of wherever the fruit was imported from. They will be astonishingly vivid, and unlike most dreams, details like text and light switches will behave as they do in real life.
Upon awakening, you will feel tired as if you haven’t slept. Any actions you took in your dream will play themselves out in whatever locale you dreamed of over the next twenty-four hours, but there will be no way to trace you to them.


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