#169. The Blue Room

There is a room in Hillhurst that only appears during the rain. The room replaces a studio apartment above a local grocery store that boasts “The best Sharma (sic) in town” and shares the apartment’s dimensions. Unlike all the other locked rooms, entering the blue room is easy: You simply knock.
The Room is home to three people whose appearances are totally impossible to recall. They tend to the room, cleaning its furniture and playing host for any new arrivals. The room itself is similarly nondescript: cracking blue paint and furniture that looks like it was purchased a year or two at ikea. The exception is an antique table in the center of the room which appears to date back to the early Victorian era. If you ask politely, one of the room’s inhabitants will give you a tarot card reading.
The reading uses only the major arcana, and acolytes have reported that their readings have often involved cards which they don’t recognize from any modern tarot. The figurative meanings of the cards are totally unimportant. Instead, focus on the images. These depict a trial you will face over the course of your journey. For example, a seeker whose reading contained the tower unfortunately met the end of his journey while consulting with the Hassidic Wizards of New York a week after his September Fourth reading yielded only one card: The Tower.


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