#193. The Children’s Hospital

[Another email cut out and pasted in the book]
The new Children’s Hospital, the one that looks like it’s all made of lego blocks and shit? Have you ever gone in there at night, Sand-Man? I’ll take you next time I go. It has to be seen to be believed.
I was going there the other day to try and break into the pharmacy (save the lecture, Sand-Man) but the halls were all foggy. The ring I keep in the pocket, the one Eddie gave me when he was hitting on me in that cute turn of the century way? It started burning, but I couldn’t get the damn thing off. So I started to try to walk through the fog because, fuck, I’m not going to stick around in a place like that when everything starts getting creepy. At least, not without a shitload of backup.
Anyways, so I was trying to get out, but the place was a goddamn maze. All those big plate glass windows were opaque, more like glass slides with blood caught between them than windows. And I swear to god (Well, maybe not to GOD) that I was being followed. By what? I dunno. But by something.
Look, let’s go this Friday. We’ll break in the same way I got in. I’ll meet you at Sunnyside Station and we’ll catch the train up there together.
Peace and Chicken Grease
Nick Maharis


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